Reasons Why You Should Hire Millennials

May 9, 2020

Why You Should Hire Millennials

Today, millennials are bringing fresh talent and brilliant ideas to the table. This is because they grew up at the perfect time to become familiar with their digitally savvy techniques to create an exciting and energizing objective that they think of to make the work consistently generates with a new idea. But despite all that, people still labelled the millennials as lazy and entitled as they did not or hesitate to discover more in-depth about their characteristics, behaviour and what they want or achieve in their life. This causes many companies to miss out on the best fresh-faced talent that we have in Malaysia. As an employer, you should take a look at the benefits of employing these motivated, passionate and enthusiastic youngsters as they are beneficial to the company today and future.

This video is about Simon’s idea on millennials in workplace:

So here are the reasons why you need to hire the millennials today so that the youngsters are not FOMO(fear of missing out) on employment in Malaysia!

1. They’re Technologically Savvy

Millennials are the digital natives and they are super familiar with it. As for these days, the transformation of most business operations must be now a priority to all companies, so this tech-savvy generation will give you a bonus advantage in streamlining time and assets using technology.

Moreover, their familiarity with social media is a major plus into your business, as they are much better to any age ever has, and they comprehend its potential on spreading awareness and information to create stickiness to the targeted audience. They are not as active or so-we-called obsessed as Gen Z in social media, but still, they do have their strong connection with technology. They are super active on social media and thus they realize how to utilize online life to arrive at shoppers as well. No other age realizes better how to utilize internet based life as a device for promoting than they are.

They realize what is right now slanting and realize how to draw in with different millennials just as different ages to change over them into clients. This is a huge asset as most organizations need to have the correct workforce to market their brand. The common observation is that this has made them internet-addicted and technology-dependent where this is the start where they becoming internet savvy and technology-savvy which make them more skilful and easier to train. To keep up with the changing scene of business, you’ll have to be at the forefront of technology and having more millennials in the workplace to help the business develop even more.

2. They bring a new perspective to the workplace

With regards to making a solid workplace and even work-life balance, millennials are changing the game. Representatives who fall inside the millennial age have made a desire that work isn’t only a 9-to-5 occupation, yet a spot where you can make companions and have fun. Imagine that! Work doesn’t need to be such a bummer all things considered. Recent college grads have raised the desire for organization culture with included advantages like wellbeing and health programs and recreational exercises in the workplace yet at the same time work similarly as hard. In the Generation Nation study, 57% of millennial overview respondents believe themselves to be diligent employees.

3. Thriving on transparency

As we’ve referenced before, the input is fundamental for millennials. Realizing that they are entering a transparent work environment makes them feel welcome and needed, and they will be even keener on remaining faithful to your business. Transparency is a key essential for some of them considerably think about working inside a business.

How would they know whether your organization is transparent? They’ll look at you via web-based networking media, how you interface with your adherents, they’ll read online surveys about your business, and they’ll ask you a couple of inquiries during the meeting to perceive how open you truly are. They’ll need to know whether you have ordinary execution surveys, how you request input, and if you ever actualize any of the recommendations your representatives make. Without transparency, you won’t have the option to keep them in the group for a long time.

4. They’re looking for something that could improve themselves

Millennials are continually searching for chances to learn and extend their collection of abilities. With their broad instructive foundation as they are utilized to reliably extending their brains and the equivalent applies to their working environment. On the off chance that you need somebody in your group to take a seminar on some new methodology, you’re executing into your everyday tasks, the more youthful age is significantly more liable to volunteer and be eager to find out about it.

5. They tend to find collaboration over competition

This is one of the characteristics that make them genuine cooperative people is their inclination for coordinated effort over the challenge. While a few organizations still support solid degrees of rivalry in their groups to move profitability, they will rather work in a “we” attitude. Millennials in contrast to prior ages have a more prominent propensity to assemble social bonds with their associates. They realize that development will occur because of assembling a few heads as opposed to neutralizing each other, so they’ll generally pick a domain that gives them a chance to be inventive and team up.

6. Diversity in education and skillet

Unlike their predecessors who would mostly focus on a single expertise, millennials like to blend and match. They don’t adhere to a solitary language, they are commonly bilingual, they can get new tech patterns, and they like the capacity to learn as they age. Although school still assumes a job in their lives as they will consider more in instruction a long-lasting voyage of growing their insight and capacities, past a degree.

7. They are eager for new things

Generally, they are undeniably bound to push for that additional inch and enhance better answers for your business, rather than somebody who is progressively keen on doing the absolute minimum to guarantee they get a check at regular intervals. If you meet a youngster and they appear to be uncouth, at that point they most likely are and you shouldn’t procure them. However, that is the very same way the contracting procedure has been for all of mankind’s history. What you will discover, nonetheless, is that the Millennial age is unmistakably additionally eager to take your private company forward than you may have suspected in your assumptions of them.

The Millennial way of life has significantly influenced how we enlist them and how we work with them. If your business depends on group-based ventures or working in little gatherings to take care of business, employing recent college grads is your most solid option. They’ve gone through years learning the best techniques on the best way to exceed expectations while working with their companions and can cooperate with other people regardless of the conditions.

They carry numerous advantages to the working environment and every industry, so do your best to make a situation that will make them feel welcome, and they’ll enable your business to flourish because they are the generation of creative thinker and technology gurus. One of the best platforms to look for employers would be So good luck searching for your employers!